Painted Santiago Ortega part 2

Now for Santiago Ortega, another of the Guild gunslingers for Malifaux. Sadly, much like Sam Hopkins, I’m dreadful at using him. He’s a shooter with no simple way around cover, and has a gimmick where he gets better if you hurt him. But since I can never seem to make him a threat, no-one ever bothers to hurt Santiago. His stock does go up a bit with Perdita Ortega as the master as she has a few tricks that rely on the Family keyword; for example she can usefully Relocate to him. I’ll be happy to learn from anyone who has a lot of success using Santiago.

In contrast to my opinion of Santiago on the tabletop, I love the miniature. He’s really big and has such a characterful, dynamic pose he was a joy to paint. For some reason I have always felt that those huge mutton-chops need to be ginger, despite him obviously being Mexican (or at least pseudo-Mexican) in the story. Even my metal Santiago had ginger hair.





Next on the painting table: Press Gangers (probably).

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2 thoughts on “Painted Santiago Ortega part 2

  1. Santiago is one of those models I actually liked more in their previous, metal version.
    Anyway, nice painting, very clean and crisp. Thumbs up!

    • Thanks! I’m also a fan of the previous version, but I sold off all my metal Guild to a local last year. This incarnation has a lot to like though.

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