Painted Enslaved Nephilim

Here is the Enslaved Nephilim, the totem for Perdita Ortega in my Malifaux Guild crews. Sadly the unlucky little chap can only be hired with Perdita, otherwise I’d probably bring it in almost every crew. It’s a cheap activation, but more importantly with the use of Shackled can spend its cheap AP moving your expensive killy pieces around to where they need to be. The limitation (that the push must be towards another friendly) is sometimes a little annoying but can be played around with a bit of forward planning. Especially in turn 1, getting my pieces where they want to do their own thing without spending their AP is huge. Later turns the best option is sometimes a push to get someone out of melee. In Malifaux, movement tricks can be priceless.

As usual, the giant close-up photos have not been too kind to my paint work here, but I like the effect when taken at table top distance. The skin is white with a very faint blue wash, and I added the red colour for my Guild to the (surprisingly neat for a slave) haircut. I’m not sure if I would use this colour skin for any future Nephilim I might get… but that is a long way off.




Next on the painting table: Santiago Ortega

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