Painted Nino Ortega part 2

Now we reach the youngest Ortega for my Wyrd Guild crew, Nino. After playing a few games with him and using him as a straight up sniper to off some fool from the far side of the board (which is admittedly quite helpful sometimes), I’m finding increasingly that good positioning with his From The Shadows ability can allow me to spend one AP in turn 2 to get a nice scheme marker down in an important place. On open boards Nino is a real pain to play against, not only because he can shoot folks, but also because of his Spotter ability which can prevent interactions near other family members. In extreme circumstances this can make it really easy to avoid conceding points on Distract, Cursed Object or Deliver a Message. He retains the Headshot trigger from Malifaux 1.5, but I think I have never managed to get it off in M2E as I’ve almost always either been out of range or have needed Precision to get the hit in the first place.

The miniature is rather smooth and undetailed on the coat, but this is still the biggest improvement from the metal to the plastic range for Wyrd; I hated the original metal version. Nothing particularly notable about the colour choice; I’ve used red as the main colour for his coat and kept the rest of Nino rather muted. Red is probably not a great colour for a sniper’s coat, but on the other hand it is a highly satisfying option to paint. The previous version of Nino can be seen here.





Next on the painting table: Samael Hopkins

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