Painted Sonnia Criid part 2

Here’s the mistress of the Witch Hunters, Sonnia Criid herself. After playing her a lot during Malifaux 1.5 I’d only put her on the table once during M2E as I had been focussing on my Ten Thunders most of the time. Having now run through a good number of games with Sonnia again I can confidently say that she is still highly amusing and destructive to play. Like all masters, she has her tricks, the main one here being the sheer amount of damage that can be spread out under the right circumstances. Being on a straight flip for damage is huge as her weak damage of just 2 is very sad even when compared to moderate of 3 and a pair of blasts. Therefore being able to give Sonnia the positive flip on damage with Papa Loco is very helpful, though some targets (e.g. ones with hard / impossible to wound) still have to be worked around.  In addition to the damage output, Sonnia is pretty fine at board control with her Flame Walls, and doubly so if the Malifaux Child comes along too.  In this way, Sonnia can do a lot of work on open tables by dealing out huge damage and on heavy terrain tables by closing off choke points with Flame Walls.

This time I gave Sonnia the red coat to match up with the rest of the Guild and chose to use brown hair (instead of the ginger hair in the art) to create more of a difference.  As always, I like the bold colours, hence the bright blue jeans.  Sonnia’s previous incarnation with me can be found here.





Next on the painting table: Nino Ortega.

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2 thoughts on “Painted Sonnia Criid part 2

  1. I particularly like the choice to go with a darker, harsher looking mask (rather than very light, shiny one).

  2. Thanks. I’d love to say that I was inspired by the fluff about Sonnia (which I am) and that made the choice for me, but actually (as usual) I just went with what I thought would look cool.

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