Painted Purifying Flame

Here’s the Purifying Flame, Sonnia Criid’s actual totem (no, it’s not the Malifaux Child after all). This happy chap never came in the original metal box and I didn’t feel obligated to pick up the blister so unlike the rest of the Witch Hunters this is the first time I’ve actually painted him. To date I have never actually fielded the Purifying Flame as I’ve generally gone with the Malifaux Child in non-killy strategies and scheme pools (so I can double up on Flame Walls) and no totem at all in games where killing weak stuff is useful. Its main role appears to be as a targeting beacon for Sonnia and Samael Hopkins since it can set things on fire with attacks and on death. But on the other hand, Witchling Stalkers also do that for only a slightly higher price and also hit really hard if they make it to melee.

The painting was very simple. First I did the bones in a dark colour for contrast, then painted all the flames yellow. The higher up sections of fire were done in orange and the final flame tips were painted a nice bright red.  As with all my painting the giant close up photo isn’t doing this any favours, but it works well enough at tabletop distance.





Next on the painting table: Sonnia Criid.

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6 thoughts on “Painted Purifying Flame

  1. I like that, the model and the painting work really well.

  2. Grinding through the rulebook (now that I finally have one) lets me better appreciate just how terrifying this guy and Criid are.

    • I’ve got to say the the Purifying Flame hasn’t really done it for me actually. The Malifaux Child is a bit more useful if you want more Flame Wall, as two of those is rather more than twice as effective as one. And in strategies where I just want to kill stuff I would probably rather fork over the extra two soulstones for a Witchling Stalker – it would die just as easily but hits much harder if given the chance. Still, if you play a few games with Sonnia Criid (who is very effective a damaging swathes of the other crew) then I’d be really happy to read about your experiences with the Purifying Flame.

      • Pack-wise, we had a Sonnia coming through a misread order, but managed to cancel it in time; now that I’ve got the book, though, I actually think my wife would probably like playing her a lot (she plays a character with the maximal amount of fire over the maximal amount of area in any game system where such is an option). Aesthetically she preferred Kaeris, so we got one of those (which also worked well since she was playing Aurora in Warmachine), and immediately jumped on Rasputina, which is kind of an inversion of Soniia’s gameplay.

        I’ve found myself interested in characters with more survivable Totems, so right now I’m getting on Hamelin. Mei Feng was the one that got me interested in the game, too, so she’s coming; eventually I’ll pick up Lynch and Jack Daw.

        • I’d happily recommend Sonnia Criid as a good starter to the game; indeed she was my first master in Malifaux 1.5 and I played her a lot then. But if you have Kaeris and Rasputina already then you’re best to stick with them for now since they are in the same faction and hence can share minions and be picked in games when Arcanist is the declared faction.

          I’m not sure that Hamelin is going to satisfy if you want survivable totems as The Stolen has only a single wound and die like flies. Of course, Hamelin has a way to rbing them back. Mei Feng is a highly entertaining master; I’ve played many games using her. And the Emberling, Mei Feng’s totem isn’t especially hard to kill but can last a long time simply between being less threatening and out of range of opportunistic attacks powerful enough to deal with it. Hungering Darkness (Lynch’s totem) is probably the most dangerous and hard to remove totem in the game; Lynch is also a really good option to pick up.

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