Painted Witchling Stalkers part 2

Continuing my painting of the new Guild plastics to replace the old metal ones I sold for Malifaux, here are a trio of Witchling Stalkers. These were ridiculously good in Malifaux 1.5, and so I expected their power to have decreased considerably in the change to M2E. I’ve been pleasantly surprised overall with how much they feel the same (or at least that they can do with the right crew) as they still hit hard and explode when killed. They helpfully now set things on fire when damaging which can allow Sonnia Criid and Samael Hopkins to shoot them more easily. Witchling Stalkers also bring a bit of condition removal which can be very handy in some match ups… but mostly I just use them to run up and hit stuff. They’re decent scheme runners in the sense that they are cheap and can actually fight a little in case someone tries to stop them, but they are not speedy by any stretch of the imagination.

I rather like these cheeky little single-piece miniatures, especially after seeing some of the more crazy construction required in Wyrd’s plastics. They got the deep red I’m using for a tie in colour with my Guild this time out, and I felt that the dirty cream robes looked nice on them. For comparison, my previous set can be found here.





Next on the painting table: Sonnia Criid.

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2 thoughts on “Painted Witchling Stalkers part 2

  1. I really like them, they’ve got that gritty feel that works well for Witchlings. The bases look good too, enough detail to make them interesting without detracting from the model.

    • Thanks very much. The bases are some resin ones I got for my Ten Thunders when they came out in plastic, and considering all the possible cross-faction hiring possible in Malifaux I decided to keep the same ones for the Guild (arguably I already made that choice with McCabe et al).

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