Painted Papa Loco part 2

Here is the first of my replacement plastic Guild for Malifaux after I cunningly/foolishly sold my old metals. This is Papa Loco, one of the models who has surely benefited most from the power level flattening coming from Malifaux 1.5 to 2nd edition. Previously he was something of a liability considering the huge prevalence (at least in Scotland) of Obey on soulstone users who would inevitably make him end up killing half of your own crew at an inopportune moment. Now he seems rather better, at least with a little help. Most importantly, he has ‘Hold This’ which gives a friendly model a positive flip to damage. Now with most masters this isn’t so important, but for Sonnia it is huge, as the difference between weak and severe damage isn’t so much the 3 damage points but rather the 3 blasts that can be put out. Added to her ridiculous Ca stat, this means that you’ll be able to cheat most damage flips and get those juicy blasts out. Thanks to changes to the Death Marshal’s Pine Box action, Papa Loco can then be safely stored and transported deep into the other crew where you can do most damage with his hilarious (self) explosive shenanigans.

I chose to put my Guild colour of red on his trousers, figuring that the strait jacket should be white/cream coloured. I think it looks nice enough, but it does stop the dynamite from showing up well. Of course I have no idea whether dynamite is really packed in red tubes (or even in tubes at all like that), but thanks to my childhood cartoons, it will always be that way for me. For comparison, the previous version of Papa Loco looked like this.  Edit:  I took a few new photos; they’re still not great but they are an improvement.





Here is an example of the original terrible photos so that the comment from David Fraer makes sense.


Next on the painting table: Witchling Stalkers.

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2 thoughts on “Painted Papa Loco part 2

  1. Don’t know what you mean about bad photography, that white towel is wonderfully focussed…

    • Haha, thanks! Maybe I should cross-post this on a towel blog instead, noting that the crisp shot is spoiled by a blurry toy soldier in the middle.

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