Painted wargaming terrain part three

This is the final bit of free terrain I have sitting around from event packs at the moment; the other two so far are posted here and here.  I believe it is from Oshiro Model Terrain’s Japanese range.  I have no idea what Japanese houses of this period (whenever that is) should look like, and anyway I’m not really playing any games that would benefit from such authenticity, so I just painted it up as I saw fit.  The drab colours are purposeful to some extent; I want the terrain to be the background to the miniatures and not the other way around.  Actually once I’d applied the paint it occurred to me that this looked more like a Tudor house such as are still around in parts of the UK; that is also a coincidence.



Here is Feora, Priestess of the Flame modelling the little bits of scatter terrain I’ve painted (Thanks to Hosercanadian for the idea to do this).


Next on the painting table: the Malifaux Child.

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5 thoughts on “Painted wargaming terrain part three

  1. Very nicely done scatter pieces and building. I think tht build is exactly the right anachronistic look for a fantasy game. I made the misatek with an earlier set of terrain that was too genre/setting specific and found I couldn’t add too many extra pieces.

    • Thanks. My usual terrain for any gaming at my house is actually still on the ‘books for hills’ style, so these are a huge step forward. I only need about 100 times more to be able to play Malifaux with it!

  2. Flames of the Phoenix

    Looks good. A nice little set of terrain that you have there.

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