Painted wargaming terrain part one

I’m very lucky that I play in a group where we have a couple of skilled makers of terrain, so all I need to supply are my own forces and an ample quantity of beer.  But I do occasionally play games at my place, either with Mrs Argentbadger or with the rest of the group when circumstances make me the host, so having a little terrain could come in handy.  I got a few pieces in the door bags at the Malifaux Scottish GT both in 2013 and 2014 and I decided it had languished long enough without attention.  I’m fairly sure that these are from Ainsty Castings.

I painted them very simply because I found painting terrain to be pretty unrewarding compared to the characterful miniatures I usually spend time on.  The sandbags and barrels are just brown paint with a wash over the top to give a little depth.  They’ll do for now.



Next on the painting table: more terrain

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2 thoughts on “Painted wargaming terrain part one

  1. Simple, but effective. It’s always nice to have some terrain around on the battlefield. It just looks so much better that way.

    • Thanks. The low, low price of ‘free’ was also quite helpful in me getting these. I agree that a nice looking battlefield really improves a game.

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