Painted Izamu, the Armour

Here is Izamu, the Armour, the last of the (currently released) Ancestors, a keyword linking him to Yan Lo thematically. In the previous edition of Malifaux Izamu was a Resurrectionist model so I could only take him in Ten Thunders crew with Yan Lo leading. Happily, Malifaux second edition has lifted some of the most irritating hiring restrictions on the Ten Thunders faction and made Izamu dual faction into Ten Thunders for good measure so I can play him under any master now.

On his own, Izamu is pretty hard to kill and hits really hard; he is a simple piece with few options that don’t relate to either attacking or being attacked. Of note he’s one of few non-master options where I would routinely take him with an upgrade, in this case Recalled Training to make one turn an unholy killing spree. Needless to say, this puts an even bigger target on Izamu’s head, an arrangement I can sometimes use to my advantage. Yan Lo has the strongest obvious synergy with Izamu; an easy to cast healing power makes Izamu a nightmare to dispatch and use of the Reliquaries upgrade means that he can be brought back (again) from the dead. Not only that but access to the Soul Porter who can push Izamu around gets rid of one the biggest weaknesses, Izamu’s slow pace. Lucas McCabe can also speed Izamu up by passing him upgrades via Open the Stash, notably the Badge of Speed to give the big chap Nimble. Neither Mei Feng nor Jakob Lynch have much to offer Izamu, but I like him with the former (Mei Feng doesn’t synergise hugely with anyone apart from a handful of constructs) and not so much with the latter (as Lynch would much prefer a boatload of cheap minions with ‘discard a card to do X’).

I kept to a dark colour scheme with Izamu, mainly keeping to dark browns for the wood and dark blue for the cloth. Of course, my usual light brown was used as a contrast to the darkness for the ties on the armour. I’ve seen a few good paint jobs on Izamu with lighting effects coming out of the helmet, but I don’t have the skills or inclination to try it out.  The faceplate was left off as I like the idea of an empty suit of armour fighting in my crew.  The photography hasn’t been kind to the paint I put on the studding on the lower armour; it doesn’t look nearly that bad on the tabletop.





Next on the painting table: Yamaziko

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2 thoughts on “Painted Izamu, the Armour

  1. I think that he turned out really well. Maybe it is the High Elf in me, but I tend to like how blues look. What about the fan in his left hand? Did you not want to make that multi-color?

    • Thanks, I’m quite pleased with the results. I have to admit I wasn’t sure at all what to do with the fan, so I just kept it very dark (in real life it has a touch of colour as I gave it a blue wash over the black). I figure I can repaint it quite easily if I feel the need. I’m still deciding…

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