Painted Mr Tannen

Here is Mr Tannen, the other half of the ‘I can’t believe it’s not Neverwhere’ combination with Mr Graves. After only a few games, he’s quite tricky to use well, or at least well and for more than a single turn. The main thing you’re looking for is to drop that aura of hard-to-Cheat-Fate (from the Cooler ability) on a lot of enemy pieces at once, ideally without being killed in the process. I’ve found that he wants to move into position at the end of the previous turn, because killing him after he activates is very easy to do. Luckily, there is no particular need to activate him early in the turn as Cooler is passive, and in any case Ten Thunders as a faction are not short on excellent body-blockers, especially Illuminated and Izamu. He has some special synergies with Mr Graves that I haven’t fully explored yet, but they should mean that activating Mr Tannen early wouldn’t be the death sentence it normally is. Needless to say, Mr Tannen makes for an excellent option in strategies that force close engagement, particularly Turf War.

I painted him up in the same style as Mr Graves to tie them together thematically.  I went for the orange detail just to brighten up the otherwise rather dull colours.





Next on the painting table: Izamu, the Armour

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2 thoughts on “Painted Mr Tannen

  1. That touch of orange is a good choice, especially if you plan to use him for TT. Look forward to seeing the painted Izamu!

    • Thanks very much. It hadn’t even occurred to me about orange being the faction colour of Ten Thunders; it certainly isn’t in any theme running through them all for me.

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