Painted Carnivean

The Legion of Everblight pack I picked up came with a single heavy Warbeast, the mighty Carnivean.  I assume that it is meant to look like a dragon with the sort of radiation poisoning that might be seen in the Fallout computer game from years ago; i.e. you get stronger but wartier rather than dying of cancer like real radiation.  Anyway, I’ve tried the Carnivean out with a couple of Warlocks (Lylyth, Herald of Everblight and Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight) and it seemed to off plenty to both.  Apart from being a fast tough killing machine, Lylyth1’s Feat means that there is some danger of actually hitting something with it’s breath weapon and Thagrosh1 can cast it’s animus for free and has Death Shroud which can combine for a fairly annoying armour swing.

Like the Shredders, the skin turned out a bit more blue than I had originally imagined but I’m quite fond of it now.  Legion Warbeasts have the slight problem that they are almost entirely composed of only two colours, i.e. skin and armour, which makes them a little dull to paint.  Nonetheless I am happy with the result, and it’s not likely that I’ll end up with more than a small number of Warbeasts anyway (the Carnivean makes up about a quarter of my force at the moment).


Next on the painting table: Blight Ogrun Warspears.

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4 thoughts on “Painted Carnivean

  1. Thats a cool model, Its more sci-fi than fantasy looking to me. The off white and red scheme reminds me of a monster from a sci-fi b-movie for some reason.

    • I see what you mean. There is more than a little of the Alien (and by extension, Tyranids) in Legion of Everblight Warbeasts, and silly rubber-suit colours such as these won’t take away from that.

      • I like “silly” rubber suit colours in general and I definitely like the look of this guy.

        Im not really at all familiar with Warmahordes, so I was mildly surprised to see such a sci-fi looking model. I really quite like it.

        • The different Hordes factions have plenty of interesting and diverse themes in their Warbeasts so the PP website is worth a look just to check out the pretty miniatures. I’m quite a fan of the game too, though I am supremely bad at it.

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