Painted Shredders

Here are a quartet of Shredders from the Legion of Everblight Hordes faction.  They’re pretty handy little beasties in the game with the Tenacity animus helping make things a little harder to kill off, and they can go Rabid to hit harder if some other efficiency on their Fury can be made.  I’ve tried them a few times with Lylyth, Herald of Everblight and one Shredder feels like a good fit.  I can’t really see many times when I would want to use all four in a single force, but I am terrible at actually playing the game so there’s no reason to take my word for it.

I decided to paint the force in a white and pink scheme; I suppose I must have seen this somewhere and been inspired but I can’t find the source anywhere now.  So thanks to my mysterious muse / benefactor, whoever you are.  Apart from looking quite nice I thought it might be an opportunity to try out two colours that I rarely use and that are trickier to get right.


This pair were the test models; the one on the right doesn’t have the final white highlight.  Mrs Argentbadger was consulted and favoured the one with the extra highlighting and now that I’ve done a few more I tend to agree with her.


After taking these photos I thought that the second one looks like one Shredder is running up to kick the other in the arse, cartoon style.


Next on the painting table: Carnivean.

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