Ogre Kingdoms force for slow grow campaign (750 points)

Miss Madras patted her increasing gut and wiped away the last bit of Dwarf vindaloo from her lips.  Perhaps mercenary work wasn’t so bad after all, and while the Little Death tribe certainly wasn’t in a position to be raiding any major food sources any time soon, there seemed to be a never ending stream of other warbands in the area in the aftermath of the battle.  Providing you weren’t too fussy about what you ate (never a problem among Ogresses, especially with curry sauce in the mix) you could easily keep a full belly here.  After a humiliation at the hands of the Humans with their fancy mustaches that had scattered the tribe almost for good, every day had led to an encounter with another race looking to take their turn in the cooking pot.  The constant wandering had allowed some more stragglers to be picked up, including Helena and her lasses who had found themselves a very suitable bit of work guarding a brewery.  They had be quite reticent on what form the payment had taken.

The only troubles were the continued absence of the other tribal leaders and the frustrating lack of progress toward finding ‘El Habañero’.  Still, there were surely clues out there and there was evidence of reinforcements arriving from all corners of the Old World to join the growing armies.  Well, almost all.  The Vampire Barry Von Carstein had been raising his new recruits from the plentiful supply of corpses littering the battlefields, and the Goblins appeared to be learning how to fight rather than increasing in number.  That was probably just as well considering how many of the blighters there already were, mused Miss Madras as she flossed her teeth with a beard-hair.

The first games of our escalation campaign at 500 points have gone better than I could possibly have imagined.  After the stern beating I received at Furycat’s hands in game 1 I was expecting to be on the wrong end of a lot of crushing defeats.  But my dice have been very good to me, and panic checks don’t seem to have caused as big a problem as I expected; all leadership checks are a bit worrying when your general is only Leadership 7.

After arguing strongly before we started this to allow monstrous cavalry at 750 points (which would allow me to field Mournfang Cavalry) I eventually decided that they would just be too awkward for most forces to take down at this level and I would probably win big most of the time and occasionally lose big when someone had a good answer for them.  Instead I bumped up the Ironguts to the full 6 I own and made one a standard bearer (because the standard bearer is the 6th Irongut in my collection) and added 6 Ogre Bulls Cows.  The Cows also got a standard bearer since I have one but I don’t have the points to make one a musician (which I also have as a miniature) so the musician has to stand shamefacedly at the back pretending not to have a trumpet.  It’s a shame my photography isn’t up to the performance of my dice rolling.

My force, the Little Death tribe at 750 points:

Miss Madras, Firebelly

Heidi’s lasses, 6 Ironguts, musician, standard bearer

Helena’s lasses, 6 Ogre Cows, ironfists, standard bearer

Helga’s lasses, 3 Leadbelchers

Blackcat Bone, Sabretusk


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