More painted Mournfang Cavalry

This the second pair of Ogresses to fill out my Mournfang Cavalry unit for the Ogre Kingdoms which I’ve finally got round to painting after preparing them a couple of months ago. There’s not really too much to say about the painting as it’s pretty much the same as the previous pair.  I had argued strongly to be allowed to play with Monstrous Cavalry at 750 points in our escalation campaign but after getting through most of the 500 point games I think that it probably would just be too awkward to deal with for most armies.  Also, I think I’ll get more value out of more rank and file Ogresses.  At the moment I am considering them for the 1000 point escalation.


I found that I’ve assembled the standard bearer in a slightly irritating position since the arms make it hard to take a photo of the face.  Nonetheless I’m pretty happy with the way that the eyes turn out.







As is traditional, I used a very simplistic design for the banner.  I originally had delusions of painting on some kind of avalanche crashing down the mountain but once the mountain itself was drawn I decided not to spoil it any further.


Musicians are excellent in Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th Edition, allowing swift reforms as well as improving the chance to rally (useful if, like my Ogresses, you flee at the drop of a hat), so I’m happy to get the one for the Mournfangs painted up.










Here is the family shot of all four Mournfang Cavalry together, out for a drink and a curry.  I don’t think I’ve every put out the full rack of four plus Dragonhide Banner but even three strong this lot are more than a match for most opponents and fast enough to avoid a lot of bad targets.


Next on the painting table: Tuskgor Chariot.

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6 thoughts on “More painted Mournfang Cavalry

  1. Agree, think the eyes and the teeth on the std bearer have come jut well. Really like the banner and the unit all painted and ranked up looks great.

    • Thanks very much. In fairness, it is a bit easier to look good at little details (eyes, teeth, etc) on Ogre miniatures because they’re so much bigger than other 28mm scale miniatures.

      • Doesn’t take away from still being a good job 😉

        I am amazed at how prolific you and some of the other guys are in what you manage to get done and to a good standard in the time. It seems to take me ages and still look….only ok. To be honest at the moment it seems to the painting rather than playing that’s interesting me but even so I have mountains of eldar, undead, KoW and scenery to paint up! One of the reasons I liked the look of Infinity is the hope I could actually get something finished and on the table to play with!

        • Well thanks for the kind words.

          I think that beauty is in the eye of the beholder here as I am highly impressed by the work on your blog; certainly way better than ‘ok’. I don’t worry about how long it takes to paint any of my miniatures as it is just a hobby – if it takes ages, or I’m not in the mood or whatever, then it’s no problem and I just leave it until I’m ready again. That said, I find that posting on my blog keeps the motivation high, and it is sometimes worth going back through your own posts and seeing how much has been achieved. But you already have your own blog so I guess you know that anyway.

  2. That’s a badass looking unit of cavalry sir. Love the banner icon.

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