Painted Ten Thunders group photo September 2013

I’m finally up to date with my Malifaux painting though I suppose that won’t last long.  Anyway, Sho3box commented a while ago suggested that I should take a family photo of my Ten Thunders crews and here it is.  Of course, this lot is nothing even close to a legal crew in either version of Malifaux, and thanks to the arcane hiring rules that govern the faction half of this lot can’t actually be taken in a crew other than by their thematic master.  As of right now, a lot of these miniatures don’t actually have rules in the first half of the Malifaux version 2 release so I can’t even use them in that ruleset.  Luckily I’m having a great time playing Jakob Lynch to work out how I can use him to most entertaining effect (against Joe, who should probably become a Henchman and get some recognition for the work he’s starting to do to keep up the community) so I’m not really too worried about the rest yet.


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9 thoughts on “Painted Ten Thunders group photo September 2013

  1. Great work. I had not realised that the force had become so large. Whats the figure count? About thirty or so?

    Whats next?

    • Thanks very much. 30 was a good guess. There are 31 miniatures, though that’s couting both versions of McCabe separately. One thing I really like about Malifaux is that you select your crew after the match-up and strategy has been determined so this lot all get their day in the sun from time to time.

      Next on the agenda are the Mournfang Cavalry I posted a while ago for painting and I am kitbashing together a Tuskgor Chariot from various other pieces.

  2. These look amazing. And I love how big the photos go allowing me to zoom in and have a look at them all individually! They’re all so nicely painted. Very jealous! 😀

    • Thank you for the kind words. These have all appeared in previous posts in here so you could actually go back and see them all zoomed in to terrifying detail where all my mistakes are obvious.

  3. thanos 40k

    playing with a painted force is great!! very nice models!

    • Thank you very much. Malifaux is pretty easy to get a fully painted force; I don’t think I’ve ever had more than 10 miniatures out in a single game. Playing in the Malifaux tournament community has me motivated to only use painted miniatures during a tournament situation; it feels a bit like ‘wearing my Sunday best’.

      • thanos 40k

        I totally agree! any opinions on the new malifaux edition? If I ever start the game I will play ten thunders for sure!

        • I am a fan so far of Malifaux second edition. The open testing phase left me rather disinterested but since Joe got the rulebook we’ve had some really fun games and I am enjoying it a lot. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone to play as it’s a (relatively) cheap buy-in and games tend to be quick once you get familiar enough with the rules that you don’t have to continually reference the book.

          Ten Thunders as a faction are a very disparate bunch, both in terms of their appearance (ninjas alongside mutant monsters) and their playstyle. For me, this is a big advantage but some people might prefer a more unified look.

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