Painted Lucas McCabe

This is the last of the Malifaux miniatures in the painting queue at the moment as I’ve been holding off buying more while I wait for the dust to settle from the arrival of Malifaux second edition.  This is the leader of the Relic Hunters, Lucas McCabe.  He was unique in classic Malifaux in that he started out mounted and then could be knocked off his horse as the game went on, swapping some mobility for an increase to his not-inconsiderable durability in the process.  McCabe was also unique in that he could spend soulstones at the start of the game on various upgrades; evidently Wyrd liked the idea so much that it’s a core rule in the new edition.  Anyway, I never really got to play with him much in classic Malifaux as I was having too much fun with the other masters, but Joe had a lot of success with him in a tournament paired up with Von Schill.


I’m not really sure why I decided to paint McCabe’s horse as a zebra, but the funny thing is that once I started applying the paint I saw this post from Jamesatlantic on the excellent The Red Crusader Rides blog.  Of course, even if you can live with the stripes, it looks nothing like a real zebra as they have spiked up manes and less hairy tails.  But, hey, if I’m going to suspend my disbelief and play this game with zombie prostitutes, magic and so on, then further suspend my disbelief by having a man riding a zebra then I’m happy to go one step further and accept that magical zebras in Malifaux don’t have the same manes and tails as normal zebras.  These close-ups don’t really do the stripes much of a favour, but happily the effect is quite satisfactory at table top distance.

Once he’s off the horse, McCabe turns fully into Indiana Jones.  There’s not much to say about the painting except that I tried to make it as consistent with his mounted incarnation as possible, which worked nicely.  Strangely, he has a gun holstered which he can’t actually use in the game.  The whip (which can be seen in all its glory in the first picture) is truly not designed for ease of transport as it sticks out hugely.

Next on the painting table: Mournfang Cavalry.

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13 thoughts on “Painted Lucas McCabe

  1. I think that the zebra effect turned out nicely and his eyes are really good. I’ve tried eyes a few times, and have rarely been happy with what I ended up with. That whip on the foot model looks like a prime candidate for snapping off. I did that to one of the lances for my plastic dragon princes a while back.

    • Thanks. For eyes (I’m assuming you mean the human) I paint a horizontal white line across the eyes, trying within reason to stay within the lines, then a vertical black line down the centre of each eye. Then it’s back out with the flesh colour to tidy up. The effect is not stellar but it suffices at tabletop distance (though arguably you can get away without painting the eyes at all at that range).

      The whip has lasted surprisingly well so far. The Ashigaru have all long since come to pieces so if I do actually get round to taking a Ten Thunders group shot they’ll have to be lurking shamefacedly at the back.

  2. Came out awesome!! And that Zebra colouring on the horse is amazing!! Oooh, these turned out great great great 😀

    • Thank you for your kind words. I guess people are their own worst critic; the reason I didn’t comment on your own post about your frustrations painting a horse on your excellent blog (edit for clarity: this post) is because I thought it looked pretty good and didn’t really need much work. By comparison I can see all the brush strokes and other imperfections in this mini that I would perhaps go back and fix if I was a perfectionist / masochist.

      • Haha thankyou! It must be because when I look at yours I think ‘oooh, I wish I could paint like this!’ and then I look at my own attempts and I can see every little wobbly brush line.
        This really does look awesome though. Hope you’reproud of this one 🙂

        • Thanks. I really enjoy painting, even though I’m not especially good at it [for clarity this isn’t meant to be false modesty, but I play regularly with people who are much better at it than I am]. One of the problems with blogging is that you end with photos of a mini that look like they’re about a foot tall instead of an inch, thereby showing all the little mis-steps. I’m more of a gamer than a painter so I generally figure that if they look OK at tabletop distance then it’s all fine.

  3. The zebra horse is kinda funky and otherworldly, just as it should be in Malifaux!

    Looking forward to the second wave coming out to use him?

    • Thanks for commenting. Malifaux is indeed a good system in which to add random elements as the whole style is so chaotic.

      I’m really enjoying the current new Malifaux and trying to get to grips with the new rules so I’ve got plenty to entertain myself while I wait for the second wave of rules. Actually, McCabe is by far the least played of any of my masters; indeed I only got him thanks to a mispack from Wyrd. The crew was fun to paint though so I have no complaints.

  4. Gaming Guy

    Great detail work especially on the gun belt.

    • Thanks very much. Actually, I have to admit that this is just light brown paint with a generous layer of brown ink over it; I find this brings out the detail to my satisfaction with a minimum of fuss.

  5. Hey, old post but I thought I’d just let you know that I’ve linked this post to my recent blog post on McCabe – I really loved the Zebra idea and thought it deserved some attention. 🙂

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