More Ogre Mournfang Cavalry conversions

Way back when it was cold(er), Furycat gave me another box of Mournfang Cavalry for my birthday.  As we have been on a major Malifaux binge, they languished on sprues for too long.  But now, with the advent of our escalation campaign, Ogre Kingdoms are back on the agenda.  I made this pair up as the musician and standard bearer for the unit to go with my other two rank and file dudettes.  As before, the Mournfangs themselves are the common-or-garden variety (except one whose tusks just wouldn’t stay on, so it’ll have to go tusk-less) and I’ve made the riders into Ogresses.  There’s not much more to say, except that my photography evidently took a sharp dive when I did these.  Anyway, I can’t go back and take another set because they got sprayed immediately after. I can’t wait to paint them, though I doubt I’ll feel like I can splash the points on a fully loaded unit any time soon.


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