Painted Thunder Archers

Here are two Thunder Archers (or Ten Thunders Archers, as they are called in Malifaux Classic edition); the third from the box was sold away to another local player as I didn’t think I’d ever want to field three at once.  They were brutal in the previous version of Malifaux, fully capable of taking out two minions in a single activation at a huge range, or splashing damage onto hard-to-hit targets.  Of course, they were terrible up close but Ten Thunders as a faction isn’t short on melee fighters so that was never a problem for me.  Second edition Malifaux appears to have toned them down a bit (at least in the test ruleset I was using) which is probably for the best.

Assembling these guys was another task not intended for the clumsy or inexperienced.  They are nothing like as bad as the legend that is Yan Lo‘s beard, but the head, hat and scarf are actually four separate pieces, and the individual arrows are very thin.  The blue Archer is supposed to have a single arrow in his hand coming out of the quiver, but after snapping the first (of three) taking it off the sprue I decided it was more hassle that it was worth.  I could have painted them both to look like they were part of an army or something but part of the charm of Malifaux in general and Ten Thunders in particular is the lack of similarity between miniatures so I decided to just go for completely different colour schemes.  I didn’t intend it that way, but I guess that the red ribbon on the bows ties them together a little.


Putting this one’s head together was super annoying, and even after a lot of work it still looks like his hat sits too high on the head.  It’s not too noticeable at tabletop range though.

I really like the dynamism of this chap, but I can’t help but think that this is not the optimum position for firing a bow if you have any intention of having the arrow go where you want.

Next on the painted table: Lucas McCabe.

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