Ogre Kingdoms vs Orcs & Goblins (500 points); 08Aug13

A good evening of gaming started with my slow grow campaign game against Justinmatters at 500 points.  My list is as noted previously, but for convenience, here it is again.

Miss Madras, Firebelly, additional hand weapon (FB)

Heidi’s lasses, 5 Ironguts, musician (IG)

Helga’s lasses, 3 Leadbelchers (LB)

Blackcat Bone, Sabretusk (ST)

Justinmatters has quite a bit of amusing story around his list (which can be found on his own blog) but for the purposes of this battle report, the main gist of it seems to be ‘throw Goblins at stuff and hope that the other army runs out of dudes first’.  This application has been surprisingly successful.

Goblin Big Boss, Shrieking Blade, Potion of Foolhardiness (BB)

Night Goblin Shaman (S)

30 Goblins, musician (G1)

25 Goblins, musician (G2)

30 Night Goblins, musician (NG)

12 Squigs, 5 Herders (SH)

We used Battle Line again without consciously deciding not to roll, then randomly get 3 pieces of terrain.  Two of them are just boring old houses and the last is some Blessed Bulwarks that we will inevitably forget about.  My Firebelly once again rolls up Cascading Fire Cloak and discards it in favour of Fireball; the Night Goblin keeps Gork’ll Fix It.  I win the first turn and make the Goblins move first on the principle that they might as well be in range by the time I get my turn.


Nothing exciting here, as everyone marches forward in a straight line.  Well, when you have no ranged attacks, there’s not much choice but to get stuck in quickly.  With 3,2 magic dice, the Shaman puts Gork’ll Fix It on the Leadbelchers and I fail to dispel it.


I see an opportunity to rid myself of the pesky shaman early so I charge with the Sabretusk, making it easily.  My other units move up to 12″ away from the Goblins; short range for the Leadbelchers (who’ll need it with Gork’ll Fix It on them) and optimal charging range for Ogres vs M4 enemies (they need an 8 to contact, and I only need a 6).  We get another big magic phase (3,2 dice) and I try my luck with the big version of Fireball.  It goes off and takes out a bunch of Squigs and Herders, though I did forget that they’re Immune to Psychology and hence wouldn’t panic.  The Leadbelchers thin out the Goblins with their Big Boss for good measure, then the Sabretusk puts a wound on the Shaman before fleeing and being run down.  It was a risky manoeuver, as killing the Shaman early is worth a lot, but I have to do it in one round (not out of the question against WS2, T3 and W2) as the Sabretusk will certainly lose to static combat resolution and flee, risking panic if it gets close to my lines and baiting the Night Goblins closer if they choose to pursue.


The Night Goblins take advantage of the free move from chasing down the Sabretusk to charge into the Leadbelchers, but both units in the West fail their charges into the Ironguts.  As it happens, I’d probably be quite happy to accept one of them, but receiving double charges has rarely been good news for me.  The unengaged Goblins in the East wheel to keep their options open.  We get 3,1 magic dice and the Shaman helpfully kills himself with his Magic Mushrooms while putting Gork’ll Fix It back on the Leadbelchers with Irresistable Force.  The hapless Night Goblin doesn’t live long enough to ‘enjoy’ the resulting Calamitous Detonation but it does put a couple of wounds on a Leadbelcher and take out a rank or so of his erstwhile companions.  More are mown down as the Firebelly uses her breath weapon, but the Night Goblins are comfortably within range of the Big Boss who keeps them in line.


The Ironguts happily take the ‘can’t possibly miss it’ charge on the Big Boss’s mob of Goblins, beating the general to death and generally trampling Greenskins left and right in a very satisfying manner all the while only taking a single wound in return.  The Goblins are Steadfast of course, but passing it on 6 is not so easy and they flee, ending up only an inch or so away from the pursuing Ironguts; I needed to follow up to make sure I was safe from a flank charge in return by the Squigs.  The Leadbelchers and Night Goblins continue to chew each other.


The fleeing Goblins rally, and everyone else reforms to trap the Ironguts.  The Night Goblins take out the last Leadbelcher but are still taking bucketloads of wounds back, they hold steadfast on Ld5.


The Ironguts have no way to avoid the multiple charge next turn so they just go for plan A: straight up the middle into the rallied Goblins, then face-tank the inevitable counter punch.  A single Goblin lives long enough to flee and the Ironguts reform to take the Squigs in their front arc.  Meanwhile, the Firebelly makes a mess of her attacks on the Night Goblins and loses to the musician on combat resolution; happily she holds.  That could easily have been the game right there.


Of course, everyone piles into the Ironguts, and I’m just down to hoping for bad rolls from the Squigs here.  They do me proud and one of the Ironguts survives on a single wound, which is probably critical to the mauling they then dish out; one more wound would have really impacted the amount of damage I handed out.  The Goblins are Steadfast and manage to hang on, but the 1 surviving Squig and his Handler fail to muster the Insane Courage they’d need, go wild, then apparently run off to the Night Goblins, taking out 5 of them (while doing no wounds at all to either unit close by).  Thanks to that piece of luck, the Firebelly then takes out most of the remaining Night Goblins who finally fail their leadership check and are run down.  Who would have thought that Steadfast on Ld5 would be so reliable!


There’s not much choice here, I just charge the Firebelly into the flank of the Goblins, hack them apart and run the survivors down with both units.  We don’t bother playing on to see if the last Goblin can rally before he makes it off the table.  Victory to the Ogre Kingdoms!


That could have been the funniest game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle I’ve played in ages.  Justinmatters’ list is ridiculous and hilarious; dealing with 100 Goblins is outrageous at 500 points, especially so when I only have 10 of my own miniatures on the table.  As usual, a couple of different rolls could have made a big difference; notably the Firebelly fleeing from the Night Goblins in turn 3 or the Squigs putting a single extra wound on the Ironguts in turn 4 could very easily have turned the tables in Justinmatters’ favour.  Otherwise, there’s not much to be learned from the tactics – we just ran at each other and the dice went my way when I needed them; though the Night Goblins were a bit of an annoyance constantly passing Ld5 checks for fear and break tests.

Edit: Justinmatters has written about how this went from the Goblins’ perspective here.

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2 thoughts on “Ogre Kingdoms vs Orcs & Goblins (500 points); 08Aug13

  1. That is a lot of goblins to chew through and they seem to be quite courageous, too. Nice work on the victory. So, how long do these games take? I would imagine that they are quite quick.

    • Thanks for reading. The Goblin list is a pretty hilarious skew list, and takes the very crux of the 500 point problem – a few good rolls (notably on break and panic checks) and it crushes all before it, a few bad rolls and it flees constantly. A test game against a shooty High Elf list played by Forkbanger had all three susceptible units panic on turn 2 and then come in piecemeal and be predictably destroyed.

      The games have tended to take an hour or so, but that includes chit-chat, drinking etc. I reckon 45 minutes would be plenty if we were inclined to focus.

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