Ogre Kingdoms force for slow grow campaign (500 points)

Miss Madras sighed and stirred her cauldron of horse curry. The plan of raiding the collective larders of civilised nations had not gone well, as the might of the Little Death tribe had swept down from the high mountains and been promptly caught up in a titanic battle between Greenskins, Men and Elves. The tribe was scattered and her small group of personal retainers were all that she knew were still fighting. Still, there were advantages. The spoils of a huge battle inevitably afforded plenty of good eating if you were as fussy as an Ogress, and the Little Death force had fortuitously over-run the baggage train of an Estalian mercenary company which was loaded with expensive chilli spices from a previous campaign.

Ogresses are nothing if not resourceful, and mercenary work was easy to find in this war-torn part of the Old World.  In addition, the powerful artefact known as ‘El Habañero’ was reputed to be in this region and Miss Madras, as one of the few Ogresses who could read or indeed think about anything past her considerable belly, intended to find it. With luck, some other tribeswomen would have survived the carnage and could be rounded up from wherever they had gone to ground to terrorise the locals. But for now, there were more important things than magical doo-dahs and uniting the tribes, more important even than fighting. Miss Madras lifted her head high and cried out ‘Dinner’s ready!’

We’ve been talking for a while about running a slow grow Warhammer Fantasy Battle campaign with a side objective of getting ourselves proper painted forces. I have my doubts about how successful the latter will be, but perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised. I’m running with Ogre Kingdoms because I think it should be quite achievable to get up to 2000 points fully painted if I put a bit of effort in.

Furycat is running this, but I intend to do battle reports and such as usual. There’s also intended to be an element of story-telling to go with the games, hence the starter fluff above.  In a remarkable turn of events, Justinmatters has posted some back story on his own blog (here). We are going to start at 500 point and increase in 250 point increments according to a set of rules yet to be implemented by Furycat but including the ‘don’t be a dick’ rule which basically allows him to ban things he perceives as problematic.

So far we have tried out a series of non-campaign games at 500 points to see if this will work. Mostly I’ve been getting severely beaten. My Ogre Kingdoms do best when they can apply overwhelming force at a single point, but at 500 points you don’t get much force, and there aren’t many points to focus on. The games have tended to be hugely ‘swing-y’ as a single failed panic or break test sweeps away half an army and a good round of rolling can destroy a unit outright.

My force, the Little Death tribe at 500 points:

Miss Madras, Firebelly, additional hand weapon

5 Ironguts, musician

3 Leadbelchers



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2 thoughts on “Ogre Kingdoms force for slow grow campaign (500 points)

  1. Flames of the Phoenix

    Yes! I am excited to see some Warhammer returning to your blog, and a campaign promises so much content. So, did you guys modify any of the rules at all to accommodate the lower points? I have heard it speculated that magic can be very devastating at low points costs, and had heard some people discuss limiting it to 2d3 instead of 2d6.

    • We’ve been talking about running another WFB campaign for ages (probably about since we wrapped up the Border Princes campaign in fact) and Furycat will probably decide on some kind of structure eventually so that we can actually start on it.

      In our test games, we have indeed made some modifications, mainly the Winds of Magic being 2d3, no magical terrain and the afore-mentioned ‘don’t be a dick’ rule. As it turns out, games at 500 points are still hopelessly unbalanced and prone to turning irrevocably on a single roll of the dice. The problem with magic in particular is that almost no-one can really afford the outlay to go up to a level 2 wizard so the magic phase comes down to the active player throwing as many dice as possible at the one spell they have, and hoping not to explode, while the other player throws all their dispel dice at it and prays for the best.

      Still, I am looking forward to participating in another campaign. My group of friends make gaming very fun, and it’s always nice to have some blog content.

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