Painted Luna

This is Luna, the totem for Lucas McCabe.  There’s not really much to say about her.  In game, she’s like a slightly better Guild Hound who can also cast McCabe’s spells via Magical Extension (at least, this was the case for Malifaux Classic edition).  Combining the Braying of the Hounds spell with Yin the Penangalan was exactly as amusing as expected (i.e. hilarious) in the one game I tried it out against Furycat, but otherwise I’ve not really used Luna or her master.

I love the expression of sadness on the miniature, it conveys so much long-suffering love.  And I’m not even a ‘dog person’.  I’ve deliberately kept the miniature dark as I felt it fitted the style better, but left the eyes shining white without pupils to make them stand out more.  The whole miniature is just a way to focus attention on that face.  Who’s a good girl then?


Next on the painting table: Thunder Archers.

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2 thoughts on “Painted Luna

  1. She looks awesome! Absolutely love the face and the gorgeous little eyes. So well done 🙂

    • Thanks very much. Needless to say, this was not the lengthiest paint job I’ve ever done, but I like the miniature a lot. I’m looking forward to getting her back on the table once the updated rules are available.

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