Painted Chiaki, the Niece

Chiaki, the Niece is the first of Yan Lo’s Ancestor miniatures to see the business end of my paint brush. In game she appears to be highly variable in performance, as some games she can have a massive effect by clearing slow, Brilliance, burning tokens and such off your own guys. Against other crews who don’t rely on these sort of ongoing effects she isn’t much more than a 5 point objective sitter. I definitely need to get a few more games in with Chiaki to get a feel for when to put her in the crew and when to leave her in the tray; the fact that I can only use her with Yan Lo is reducing the number of outings she has compared to proper dual faction or Ten Thunders miniatures who can get on the board with any of the masters. She was a bit tricky to assemble as most of the pieces are really thin. The pipe in particular is very fine work. For some reason, presumably to do with the mould casting, the bow on the back of her head is a separate piece which made it rather fiddly to get into place. Still, I enjoyed painting her once the glue was dry. I quite like that Malifaux has some miniatures that aren’t raging murder machines, and Chiaki actually looks like she could be Harmless, unlike Yin, the Penangalan (more on her later).


Next on the painting table: Soul Porter.

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2 thoughts on “Painted Chiaki, the Niece

  1. The white dress worked out well, particularly considering the scrutiny that such a large photo invites.
    You must have a large number of painted Malifaux figures at this stage. Maybe a group shot might be in order some time 🙂

    • Thanks. I’m pleased with the way the white turned out considering how easy it was to do.

      That’s a good idea about a group shot, thank you for suggesting it. I’ve decided to put a break on buying more Malifaux miniatures for a little while until the proper rules are out for the next edition (in case the dual-faction thing changes and strands me with miniatures I can’t use in game) so I will go for a ‘family’ photo shoot once I’ve painted the last few of them.

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