Painted Ashigaru

After a brief foray into the Relic Hunters box to get the Wastrels painted for a tournament, I dove into the Masters of the Path. First up are the Ashigaru, cheap minions who swing alarmingly between ‘surprisingly resilient’ and ‘soft as butter’ without much middle ground. I have mainly been trying them against Furycat and Forkbanger‘s Viks crews, so maybe I shouldn’t be to upset when the Ashigaru explode into powdered bone.

There was a lot of comment on the Wyrd forums about how hard the plastics have been to assemble which I hadn’t really seen for myself with the boxes I’ve done so far. I have to say that the Masters of the Path turned out to be much more tricky to put together, especially considering how easy the other starter boxes were to work with. I could certainly see someone new coming into the hobby, picking up the Masters of the Path (since it is a ‘starter’ box) and getting discouraged by the thin spears and the awkwardness of Yan Lo’s head (more on him later). Anyway, I don’t find painting characterless undead minions too exciting so there’s not much to see here.


Next on the painting table: Chiaki, the Niece.

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2 thoughts on “Painted Ashigaru

  1. You may not find them exciting, but they look the part 🙂
    The colours chosen work very well. Is that the “official” scheme or is it your own? It looks great either way.

    • Thanks very much. Wyrd seem to have stopped posting pictures of their painted miniatures so there isn’t really an ‘official’ scheme any more. The artwork in the rulebook has them with red flags and blue clothing otherwise, so I suppose I am not so far away. I did consider a more drab colour but I thought they’d look nicer with a bit of brightness to them.

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