Painted Wastrels

So a little while ago, I bought the Masters of the Path box set as I thought that Yan Lo had some fairly amusing mechanics in-game (after playing a bit, I can confirm that this is the case).  When I opened it up, looking forward to sticking the miniatures together, it turned out to actually contain the Relic Hunters sprue and cards.  I put this to Wyrd’s mis-pack service and they very promptly sent me out a replacement box but this meant that I had effectively acquired Lucas McCabe’s box for free.  It seemed churlish not to make use of this stroke of fortune so I eagerly assembled and painted the Wastrels.  They are absolutely lovely miniatures with good sculpts, lots of character and very enjoyable to paint.  The obvious Clockwork Orange nod is also a nice touch.  In game, they are very mobile but I have to admit that I haven’t really done much other than irritate people into moving to counter them.  Not that this is so bad as it gives good board control but it does mean that I haven’t seen the full gamut of their abilities.  In addition, I almost never remember to use their cast-offs which may limit their efficacy.


My love of bright colours got the better of me on this chap as I felt he was too dark without the red neckerchief.  The monocle didn’t really come out too well but otherwise I am very happy with the look of this one.


The pose of the leaning Wastrel is just so characterful that he was a joy to paint.  I am not sure what has happened to his face in the photo as that enormous mould line isn’t noticeable in real life.  As always I see a few bits to touch up now that I have the photos, which show mistakes that my eyes aren’t good enough to spot.  Perhaps that is for the best.


The final Wastrel is another with almost tangible personality.  I love the way his facial expression compliments the aggressive pose.


Next on the painting table: Ashigaru.

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