Painted Mei Feng

Mei Feng is the master thematically linked to the Rail Crew, and so far seems to make very good use of the miniatures that come in the box. She is pretty hilarious with a great potential threat range if I manage to get my Rail Walker jump points set up in a useful way. I am still learning to get the best out of her impressive list of abilities (notably, I never remember to cast Overheat) but even just the ‘headline’ actions of Rail Walker into melee with something, triggering the Jackhammer Kick attack from Terminus then bouncing around beating people up with the Tiger’s Fury trigger on her Tiger Claws is both effective and amusing. I find that I am far too aggressive with her and end up basically burning my entire set of soulstones to keep her alive if I don’t win initiative. Still, a recent game of Contain Power against Furycat’s Viktorias crew (not an easy strategy to score on) had me get the full four points for killing both Viks with Mei Feng so that was better than expected. Sadly, Mei Feng was then stabbed to death by a pesky Ronin.

I opted not to use the exploding box that she’s supposed to be based on and just pinned her to a suitable bit of scenery on my resin base to keep that kung fu pose. The skin tone is still not completely satisfactory but after a while I realised that I would have to go to much more significant lengths to get the results I wanted, and decided just to move on to the next project. In theory I might return and rework the skin later, but in practise I doubt it.  I have at least been back to tidy up some of the little issues that are apparent in these photos but less obvious in real life.





Next on the painting table: Sabretusks.

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