Painted Kang

This is Kang. There are many like him (at least if you believe the internet, which has a huge love for this guy, though there are relatively few pictures out there), but this one is mine. He is certainly a tremendous bad-ass on the tabletop, dealing out terrific damage and requiring considerable effort to put down. I must admit he’s been in almost all of my Ten Thunders crews since putting the miniature together. Despite this, I feel like I still have a lot to learn with Kang as there are several of his abilities I almost never remember to use (especially Fight With Me!) and others (like his potentially amazing You Can Try… trigger) I haven’t even managed to use at all. So, sadly for my friends, it looks like Kang is here to stay in my crews, at least Jakob Lynch and Mei Feng’s crews. The Hungering Darkness especially likes to make Kang permanently Brilliant on turn 1 with his otherwise superfluous Casting Expert action so he can take wounds for Feast or Famine and potentially leap out of the dying Kang when the other crew finally gets him.

I deliberately kept Kang to a simple paint scheme without too much adornment as I felt like he wouldn’t be the sort to wear gaudy colours. I actually had considerable trouble selecting colours that went well with him but eventually selected green for his trousers to stop the overall effect from being too monochromatic. I’m not really satisfied with the final effect on the apron, though of course it’s much more palatable at tabletop distance.





Next on the painting table: Mei Feng.

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2 thoughts on “Painted Kang

  1. You did an amazing job here! I really like the Kang model, but this just really works. I like the blending on the trousers and the highlighting of the skin too-subtle is so hard to achieve on the 28mm at times when you have a big block of one texture or colour (I find, anyway-just finished my Miranda model and had a feck of a time toning and toning and toning…will post on my own site soon-it has been gathering dust lately!)

    • Thank you very much. I think you might be over-generous though, as the ‘blending’ on the trousers in particular is just a series of washes and highlights rather than proper blending. It works pretty well though, and is much better fitted to my level of skill at painting.

      I look forward to seeing your Miranda, as I think it is a really nice sculpt (but have literally never seen one on the tabletop).

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