Painted Rail Workers

My painted Rail Workers for my Ten Thunders crews. They come in the Mei Feng box, and unlike the Illuminated from Jakob Lynch’s box, are actually part of the Ten Thunders faction, allowing them to be used by more than just one of my masters. I am not really sure how to use them though, as they are rather ‘jack of all trades and master of none’, being fairly hard to kill (via their Metal on Metal trigger) and fairly dangerous in melee with a choice of nasty options on their mechanical limb. At 5 soulstones each though, they feel a bit steep for what they can do in general. With Mei Feng they really start to shine as they can act as jump points for her Rail Walk spell (or would do, if I actually managed to use it effectively for once) and can also put Burning Tokens on the Rail Golem in early turns to get it ready for the Pain Train ability. At the moment I can’t see myself really wanting to spend 5 soulstones to put them in a crew that wasn’t led by Mei Feng.

The Rail Workers were a lot of fun to paint as they have a nice contrast between their skin and the various replacement parts. I couldn’t get a skin recipe that I was really happy with so in the end I just left it at this slightly dusky tone.


I painted this chap first, mainly because he has the least inspiring pose. I guess he’s meant to be hefting his mallet, but it looks to me more like he’s wincing at some twinge in his back from too much heavy lifting.



This pose is much nicer, looking forward at his soon-to-be-smited foes and generally being a bit beefy. Like the first, I painted this Rail Worker in slightly muted tones as I felt that they were the sort to just do the job without fuss or gaudiness.



At this point, I got bored with muted tones and went for bright primary colours instead.  Much more fun, even if he does look like a Rail Worker on his way to a pirate themed fancy dress party (and doing an impersonation of Frankie Howerd by the looks of that face).



Next on the painting table: Kang.

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