Painted Emberling

Here is Mei Feng’s totem, the Emberling. It’s meant to arise from the dying ashes of steam engine furnaces (and hence be rather dark) but I like painting bright colours so mine is more like some kind of fire spirit. I’ve been fairly happy with its performance in games so far; mostly using Link to attach itself to either Mei Feng or Kang and pushing them around a bit with Seismic Punch or protecting my crew with Vent Steam. Actually playing with a totem has taken a bit of getting used to as I don’t own any for my Guild masters and the Hungering Darkness, while technically a totem, does not play like one at all. I’m finding it a highly amusing piece, and while I suspect that it has its place and needn’t be taken every game, it has warranted a spot with Mei Feng every time I’ve played her so far.




Next on the painting table: Rail Workers.

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