Painted Beckoners

Here are the final miniatures I own themed for Jakob Lynch‘s crew: Beckoners.  They hold the dubious honour of being the first ‘ladies of negotiable affection’ in Malifaux who are not also zombies.  To make up for that shocking lapse, they instead are evil sorts whose souls are owned by the Hungering Darkness and do his bidding by the medium of enticing in potential new victims.  The internet appears to love them and I can see why as they really provide an excellent amount of board control and can be quite survivable once all their potential assailants have been made Brilliant.  I’ve also found that a game with Beckoners on both sides gets silly very fast as everyone is suddenly on double-negative flips to do anything at all.


The red Beckoner suffered an unfortunate fate early in her career as a demonic harlot as I crushed her under my knee during a game played on the floor.  My attempts to rebuild her were not entirely successful, notably on the shoulder join where I couldn’t get a nice line up of the pieces.  Other than that, I find myself wondering whether a different colour for the top and the skirt might have looked better.



I prefer the sculpt of the blue Beckoner overall and I feel like this is one of the miniatures which benefitted from Wyrd’s move to plastic as a metal version of this would have ended up with arms like a gorilla instead of the thin limbs here.  The braid (which is not part of the back) strikes me as a potential weak point but has impressed me with it’s durability so far.



Next on the painting table: Emberling.

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2 thoughts on “Painted Beckoners

  1. They look good. I think that I actually prefer the red model’s pose, but to each his own. I think that a different color for her top and skirt might have looked nice, but I think that she turned out well with just the one color.

    • Thanks. Now that some time has passed since painting these guys I think that I’m satisfied with the single colour approach. It may not look quite as good in gigantic photos but it works well at tabletop distance.

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