Painted Mr Graves

Here is Mr Graves, the mighty bouncer of Jakob Lynch’s Honeypot Casino and birthday present from my geek friends. Unlike most of the other named characters in Malifaux, he doesn’t appear to actually have a first name (either that or his first name is ‘Mr’). He looks like he ought to be a tremendous monster in melee, but in the few games I’ve tried him so far he’s been shot without achieving a great deal. This is mainly due to my poor play.

I decided to go for the worlds simplest method of white for his shirt. I painted it white, gave the whole thing a black wash, then drybrushed it heavily again in white. It’s far from amazing up close but it looks surprisingly good at tabletop distance. In fact, so much so that he won an award for best painted miniature at the Bayou Brawl II (though partly this was because most people had already won awards for their painting and hence didn’t put an entry in).





Next on the painting table: Beckoners.

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2 thoughts on “Painted Mr Graves

  1. Thanks for sharing. Enjoying your blog.

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