Painted Fennblades

My painted Trollbloods Fennblade unit. Despite saying in this post that I was planning to use Circle Orboros when playing Warmahordes, after a couple of games I could see that they were going to end up playing in a rather tricksy way that would frustrate my attempts to get Mrs Argentbadger involved. So I moved to Plan B: Trollbloods. A bit of reading on them suggested that they would be straight-up brawling types which was pretty much what I was looking for as opponents to Mrs Argentbadger’s Retribution of Scyrah. Sadly, the main Warlock I was interested in, Calandra, turned out to have a signature ability that was amazingly frustrating to play against. I am contemplating Minions at the moment as their perceived weakness (according to Privateer Press’s Journeyman League documentation) shouldn’t be an issue for me. Anyway, pictures.


This chap is the leader, unless you take the Unit Attachment, in which case he’s outranked. In the games I’ve played so far, I have always chosen to take the UA, though I’ve just proxied it.


Here are the first three grunts in the unit. I vaguely intended to make the cloth tartan (as per the fluff for the Trollbloods) but I realised that it wasn’t likely to improve the appearance much and could ruin the work I’d done. So I wussed out.


And the second set of three. Facing appears to be important in Warmahordes so I decided to mark the front half of the bases in a different colour.


And the last three. There are only a few different sculpts in the unit, so I tried to mix up which bits of armour were steel and which were bronze just to differentiate them a little.


Next on the painting table: Mr Graves.

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