Painted Jakob Lynch

Here is the final member of the Dark Debts boxed set, Mr Jakob Lynch. He is the owner of the Honey Pot casino in Malifaux and general pawn of the Hungering Darkness. His crew is themed around the Brilliance mechanic, but he doesn’t have anyway of handing it out himself, nor can he get it (thanks to his Never Touch The Stuff rule). In practice, I don’t find that he does a great deal apart from hide at the back and try not to die so that the Hungering Darkness doesn’t disappear at an awkward time. A local player (who is much better at the game than me) seems to have considerable success using him to interact with markers in strategies like A Line in the Sand or Destroy the Evidence, so perhaps that is the route I should take.

He is meant to have some sort of weird magic skeleton thing coming out of the palm of his hand, conjuring trick-style. But that looked weird so I resorted to the Wife Test, which showed that it looked better with the open hand. Overall, I think that this is the miniature where I am most happy with the painting job. It is still somewhat lacklustre compared to other local talents of course. I decided early on that I wanted him to wear a cream coloured suit, and after a bit of thinking about it, I realised that the dark brown skin tone would be the perfect complement. Sadly, it does make his weakly-sculpted facial hair even more difficult to pick out, but in practice I only see the back of him on the table top.





Next on the painting table:  Fennblades.

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2 thoughts on “Painted Jakob Lynch

  1. Looking good…..Django themed crew on the way ?

    • That would have been a cool idea if only I had thought of it. Lynch is a gunfighter, but sadly he will always be a slave to the Hungering Darkness.

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