Painted Illuminated

Here are my versions of the Illuminated, minions from Jakob Lynch’s crew.  In the fluff they’re souls who’ve been corrupted / subsumed / addicted to the Brilliance, the game effect / addiction metaphor purveyed by the Hungering Darkness.  I find them a trifle pricy for what they do at 6SS, but I think it’s because you’re paying for a tool box of abilities, not all of which are going to be useful in every game.  I certainly enjoy using them, but I don’t see that I would care to put all three in many crews.


This crouching chap had a choice of left arms, either a claw to match the right arm or these tentacles.  I opted for the tentacles to show the chaotic mutation he’s undergoing, rather than the symmetrical option of two claws.  I chose to paint the hardened Brilliance (i.e. the mutated bits) in a very non-naturalistic style, which hopefully emphasises the difference from the normal skin.  Also, and more importantly, I like painting brightly coloured miniatures.





The second Illuminated is being eaten by, or possibly vomited on by, a miniature version of the Hungering Darkness.  He’s floating up with only his tiptoes on the ground, which of course made him a total pain to pin onto his base.  Like the real Hungering Darkness, this one had outrageous gaps which required copious Milliput to fill.  I painted it the same colour as the big one to link them in my mind.




The final Illuminated is normal apart from having tentacles instead of a face.  This is also the ‘alternative’ head, the other one having a distended maw which I didn’t think looked very good to paint.  This model really shows up how smooth the Malifaux plastics are – I didn’t really manage to achieve much depth on the skin in particular.  My first attempt had the bodice in yellow but it didn’t look right so I went over it with red; a much easier colour to work with.




Next on the painting table:  Jakob Lynch.

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