Border Princes Campaign (End)

Finally, it’s the end of the Border Princes campaign.  We finished playing the games about 5 months ago, but real-life intervened and posting the results has suffered.  Still, better late than never.

The most important battle in terms of final standings is the last ever Siege of Malko, in which Aramoro‘s Bretonnians managed to hang onto the city despite repeated assaults from the Empire.  Furycat was significantly hampered during this final turn as it coincided with the release of the updated Empire army book (a significant decrease in power if ever there was one); the Empire were defeated in every game they played this turn.  The overall story of turn 15 ended up as one of the Empire’s star waning while Forkbanger‘s High Elves’ waxed.  From a Beastmen perspective it’s been a highly successful turn, pushing back forces from the Empire (here and here) and completing the rout of Justinmatters‘ Orcs and Goblins (here).  The only relative fly in the ointment is a draw in the Old Silk Road, a battle in which both the Beastmen and Bretonnians think that they are defending the territory on behalf of their mutual ally, the High Elves.  Considering that, it is probably fitting to be a draw.  The last ever battle of the campaign is a force of Orcs and Goblins holding out their outpost in the Northern mountains against the High Elves; in fairness to Forkbanger he could have played it safe in the last turn but opted for a far more amusing charge into some Black Orcs (sadly for him it didn’t work out).

BorderPrincesMap-Turn15 end

So, at the end of the campaign, our final scores are:

Beastmen: 50 points (38 territories, 3 of which are special)
Empire: 27 points (23 territories, 1 of which is special)
High Elves: 23 points (18 territories, 1 of which is special)
Bretonnians: 16 points (7 territories, 1 of which is Malko)
Orcs & Goblins: 7 points (7 territories)

To my great surprise (counting from our original plans to run the campaign) the runaway winners are the Beastmen.  Furycat’s Empire limp over the line in second as a catastrophic final turn is not taken full advantage of by Forkbanger’s High Elf forces.  Aramoro’s Bretonnians hang onto fourth by dint of holding Malko leaving Justinmatters’ Orcs and Goblins bringing up the rear.  Furycat will get his prize in due course.

Thanks very much to my friends for playing along with the Border Princes campaign for so long, and especially to Aramoro for doing the maps.  And, finally, thanks to everyone who read the saga of the Border Princes.  I hope you’re inspired to try something bigger than ‘just another game’.

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7 thoughts on “Border Princes Campaign (End)

  1. Well, I am sad that the campaign is over. Congratulations to all involved, for completing the campaign and especially to the Beastmen for finishing at the top. I enjoyed reading the battle reports for you group. I look forward to the next campaign that you play :).

    • Thanks for following us through this all the way. I too was surprised that we actually finished the campaign, as it seems to be the normal fate of such things to fizzle out. As pointed out by Furycat below, we are planning to run another campaign shortly. I’m currently planning to run Ogres for this one, and the format will be different (still to be decided, but loosely it’ll be an escalation with a story line element).

  2. What a great campaign. Shame it didn’t work out for the Empire. Wonder if that was because the list used just wasn’t optimsed within the new book? Anyways, sounds like you had a good time. More WFB AARs please!

    • Thank you for the kind words. I had a great time, and I think that everyone else did too. More battle reports are planned once we get on with the next campaign. I’m glad you enjoy them.

  3. I think the final turn failures were due partly to not having had much time with the new book, and partly due to the fairly substantial power difference between the old book and the new. I’m still struggling to find a build that works well, months after the campaign ended. Our troops are just as bad as they were before (And in some cases worse), but got more expensive. War machines got more expensive, and for the most part saw a significant decrease in power (The exception being the helblaster), and we went from having one General option that was so good, you always took it (Arch Lector on War Altar), to having no real good General choices at all.

    We gained Demigryphs (Which are excellent, it must be said), the new Wizard Wagons, one of which is decent, the other of which is useless. The steam tank got cheaper and was nerfed a little bit, but remains our best answer to certain units, but stopped being able to deal with other units (A Gutstar for example, will destroy it). Witch Hunters are new, but not much use beyond fluff and… well that’s about it really.

    It’s probably possible to make a list that is at least somewhat capable, but from what I’ve seen playing around with it Empire are at a significant disadvantage most of the time under the new book. It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that other 8th Edition books are clearly significant more powerful (Ogres in particular).

    However, watch out for a new campaign coming Real Soon Now(tm), in which I will continue to try and wrestle with the new book.

  4. I have been following this campaign since the beginning… congratulations on the beastman victory! These article inspired me to dust off the old “Generals Compendium” and have been playing a 2 player version of the campaign for a while.

    Looking forward to reading the next campaign!

    • Thanks very much. I’m glad you were inspired, and I hope that you’ve been enjoying your own campaign. Feel free to link to your campaign if you’ve posted about it anywhere.

      I too am looking forward to our next outing, though I think that the format will probably be different.

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