Painted Ghorgon

A long time ago, I received a Ghorgon for my birthday.  At the time I was in the throes of painting Ogres so the poor chap just stayed in the shrink wrap feeling all unloved.  But good things come to those who wait, and finally it was time to see what was in the box.  It turned out to be enormous; the Ghorgon is much bigger than I’d expected.  As it happens, this is bad news in the game thanks to true line of sight and the existence of cannons, but since he’s massively overcosted that’s probably not too important.  What is important is how entertaining the Ghorgon was to paint.  He’s absolutely covered in bling, and there’s easily twice as much remaining on the sprue that I left off just so I’d be able to see the big guy under all the skulls.  Two of the hands are meant to just be huge spikes but I thought that looked a bit silly (admittedly, he’s still a giant cow-man-monster, but the spiky hands were too far for my disbelief) so I did some minor work to fit the alternative set, which I suppose are intended for making a Cygor.

The Ghorgon is actually big enough to be worth taking close-ups of, though it’s sure that they don’t do my painting any favours.  There are a frankly ridiculous number of skulls on him: a necklace, on his loin cloth, woven into his fur at various parts.  There is even a Bestigor skull being used as a vambrace.  I really had a good time putting paint on the Ghorgon because at this size he’s so different from the entire rest of the herd.  If only I could get more use out of him on the table top…

Next on the painting table: Papa Loco Ortega.

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2 thoughts on “Painted Ghorgon

  1. You’re churning out quite a few models. Nice work. I think that he turned out really well. The pictures are a bit dark around the “mane” area, but the bone and gray skin contrast well. He’s quite the large and imposing figure.

    • Thanks. He’s much bigger than I expected – for scale comparison, the skulls adorning all over the place are the right size (i.e. they are the same as those from Skeleton Warriors).

      It probably seems like I’m painting quickly because I post pictures of individuals for the Ghorgon and the Ortegas but get to 20 strong for the Gor herd. I put a bit more work into the single miniatures, but not 20 times as much. In reality, I’m just as slow as usual.

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