Painted Perdita Ortega

My second Guild master is Perdita Ortega. Like all masters in Malifaux, she has a ridiculous list of abilities, most of which come in useful at various time, but the one I always fall back in is just shooting people in the face repeatedly. Presumably she has more depth to discover, but after only a few games with Perdita leading my crews I’m very happy with the way she plays.

Initially I wasn’t very keen on the understated pose of the miniature but it’s really grown on me lately so I like the idea of just waiting to quick-draw someone and put them in the dust at high noon. The hair, which is something of a focal point of the miniature, is a failed experiment for me. I tried a highlight in purple to try and give it some ‘lustre’ (which is something people apparently look for in hair; I wouldn’t know – no-one advertises products to give a lustrous beard) but it turned out to be too light and it just looks like she has purple hair. I only finished painting it just before a tournament and didn’t have time to fix it, but since then I’ve grown to like it so I’m not going to change it now.  I have, however, fixed the chips in the hat.

These pictures also feature a guest appearance from my assistant, Argentbadger junior.

Next on the painting table: Ghorgon.

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2 thoughts on “Painted Perdita Ortega

  1. Nice work on Perdita. I havent been playing Malifaux for a while, but Perdita is primed and ready for some attention the next time that it bubbles to the top.

    I rules terms she looks straightforward and lethal. Simple plans are good plans and she seems extremely well suited to that sort of play.

    • Thanks; I look forward to seeing your take on Perdita when you get round to Malifaux again. Perdita is plenty of fun to play, and she’s got a good depth of actions to use. It’s simply that I’m not very good at Malifaux and just use her to shoot stuff in the face and then hope for good flips to help her ridiculous defence keep her out of trouble.

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