Another painted Gor herd

After another age of non-Beastman-related blogging, I got round to painting up another herd of Gors.  They’re 20 strong, a number that conveniently fits into the Watchtower should the need arise.  Gors with additional hand weapons love buildings as it means that they get the full value of that second tasty attack.  Not coincidentally, 20 is also a number I am comfortable being placed into an awkward position by a poor ambush roll which is where they often end up in non-Watchtower scenarios.  For this herd I opted for orange as their signature colour and I’m happy with the way it contrasts with the grey skin.

The Foe-Render is on my favourite of the body choices, the ‘running forward to eat your family’ pose.  I just love the dynamism of the sculpt, and the posability of these plastic kits means that I can always get a result I like.  The last shot of him (alone, and from behind) is a depressingly common feature for this herd as I ram them into the way of something hard and then have them break and flee after a thorough mauling.

Annoyingly, I used the same body for the musician as I did for the champion.  I’ve always imagined that it must be hard to blow a horn when running at full tilt, but evidently it’s no problem for a Beastman.

Finally, the standard bearer.  After some consideration of the motif for the banner I just selected a simple moon design as I felt that the Beastmen would not be in for complex works of art on their flags.  Also, I can’t paint a decent free-hand.

Next on the painting table: Perdita Ortega.

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6 thoughts on “Another painted Gor herd

  1. these are looking amazing!
    the colors really ‘pop’.
    my only suggestion is more highlights

    • Thanks very much. It’s nice to ‘hear’ from you again too – any chance of more posts on your own excellent blog?

      I’m really pleased about the (admittedly coincidental) effect of the orange and grey combination. I am guilty as charged on the lack of highlights though; from 3 to 6′ away (i.e. table top distance) they look satisfactory.

  2. The orange does contrast really well with the grey. They look good and the bases match your carpet too 🙂 It’s like they’re just running through your house.

    • Thanks very much. It’s actually a towel (I have small kids so a white carpet would turn grey / brown pretty quickly) but I do think it looks quite good with the snow basing.

  3. Bob

    The orange works fantastically well!

    • Thank you. It was just luck really, I try and pick a different clothing colour for each herd and orange was the pot I picked up for these guys.

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