Painted Nino Ortega

The last of the younger Ortega boys, here is Nino Ortega. Popular opinion seems to be that he is amazing on the table, but my experience has generally been that it’s either feast or famine. In a recent game I did manage to get 5 shots out of two action points, both ‘ending’ shots being headshots to boot, but that’s an exception. Headshot in general is not likely to be a kill as most turns there will be a couple of low cards in hand to discard. On the other hand, milling cards away can be effective under some circumstances.

By contrast to Francisco and Santiago, I really dislike the miniature itself. The pose is really wonky – I don’t know much about guns but I imagine that shooting a massive rifle like that while standing on one leg is not ideal if you want to hit anything. I tried to make it so he looked like he was resting the front foot on the kerb of his base, but it’s not really come out well. Nino’s face is very blandly sculpted, with almost no detail, and the whole thing is supported on one very spindly ankle. It’s only a matter of time before that comes off and I have to pin his leg back together, but I’m putting it off for now. Something weird has occurred with his face in the photo, as the ‘just finished eating chocolate’ look isn’t there is real-life.

Next on the painting table: more Gors.

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