Painted Exorcist

Here is an Exorcist for my Malifaux crew.  He’s a bit limited in application, being mainly of use against Ressurectionists thanks to a variety of abilities that allow him to do extra damage to the Undead.  His main draw would be the ability to give friendly models magical melee weapons (useful for fighting Spirits), except that Witchling Stalkers and much of the rest of my usual crew already sport these.   I am very happy with the painting on his face, which in some ways is a bit of a shame as it is almost impossible to see on the tabletop thanks to his wide-brimmed hat.  It’s pretty remarkable what a flat sculpt this is, even compared to other similarly two-dimensional miniatures in the range like Sonnia Criid.  That’s the hand of Argentbadger Junior in the background of the first shot.

Next on the painting table: some more Gors.

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2 thoughts on “Painted Exorcist

  1. Flames of the Phoenix

    From what I can see, the face does look pretty good. I really like the shading on the coat. It looks really nice. Was that mainly from a wash, or did you start it darker and build it up to a lighter color?

    • Like all my painting, the coat was extremely simple. It’s just cream paint, then sepia wash, repeated a couple of times with decreasingly heavy dry-brushes of cream. So the deepest recesses have a couple of coats of the wash while the highest areas have only one (if I was going for a lighter shade then I’d end the process with the paint instead of the wash). The belt, holster and gloves are actually a different (though similar) colour, but they look the same in the photos.

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