Painted Austringer

This is a Austringer for my Malifaux Guild crew.  His main function is to send his bird off to peck people, which handily means that he doesn’t need line of sight; this is a pretty big deal on the more crowded Malifaux boards.  Of course, like every other miniature in Malifaux, there are a host of other tricks you can play with an Austringer but I almost never do anything other than move into cover and then use the Malifaux Raptor.  In theory you could even do this from inside a building with no windows and all the doors shut (presumably the bird flies up chimneys or something), though I never have.  I used the same colour scheme as for the rest of the crew, with a bright red bandanna just to liven it up a bit.  The bird itself has three ‘rows’ of feathers on its wings and painted them in different colours and then used a wash to link them back together.  Like the Guild Hounds, I deliberately left the eyes without pupils.  Overall, it feels like there’s something missing here, but I can’t really put my finger on it.

Next on the painting table: a Witchling Handler.

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4 thoughts on “Painted Austringer

  1. Nice work there! Some subtle tones on the jacket. It’s not easy to paint yellow.

    • Thanks very much. Sadly, I can’t claim to have painted yellow as his coat is actually done by giving cream paint a couple of coats of sepia wash. It’s easy to do and looks fairly effective, especially at table top distance.

  2. Ah, cheeky! Is it the new Citadel wash? It looks like it’s covered thoroughly from here.

    • Yes. Just checking the paint pots I used Bleached Bone for the base coat and Seraphim Sepia for the wash (both Citadel). I give a few coats of the wash alternately with decreasingly heavy drybrushes of the base colour. It’s quick and easy to do, and (provided that you’re not aiming to win any painting competitions) it gets the job done.

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