Painted Guild Hounds

Here are a pair of Guild Hounds for my fledgling Malifaux crew.  I have some trouble using them well, as they’re ridiculously fast, especially compared to the rather pedestrian nature of the rest of the crew, and as such they tend to get isolated and killed before I can support them. On the other hand, they are Significant (in game terms) when close to each other which means that they’re able to do various things relating to strategies and schemes such as (improbably) lighting or defusing dynamite.  Good boys.  Overall their biggest defense has always been that something else is a higher priority target. In keeping with the muted colours of the rest of the crew, I went for grey fur and cream body armour.  I conciously chose not to add pupils to their eyes as this gives them a slightly more scary look, and also adds a necessary patch of brightness which is otherwise lacking.

Next on the painting table: an Austringer.

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