More painted Leadbelchers

Here are the final Ogresses that I’ve made up from my battalion box so far; a pair of Leadbelchers to add to the Little Death tribe.  There’s not too much to say about the painting except that I retained the purple trousers (I like to keep it as a sort of ‘unit colour’) and picked different colours for their tops from the other two.  I love painting Ogres, they’re so forgiving of poor technique. Readers paying attention will notice that I stated for the Firebelly that she was the last Ogre I owned, but that was because I thought I’d already posted these pictures (I took the photos at the same time, but it always takes me ages to get round to writing even a brief post around them).

Next on the painting table: some Guild Hounds.  For completeness, here’s the whole unit ready to guffaw at the ineffective fireworks they produce.

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