Painted Firebelly

Here’s the final Ogress for the Little Death tribe before I have to purchase more.  The Firebelly is that glorious coincidence of a lovely model and potent rules.  In games she’s wreaked havoc on my foes, and on the painting table she’s been a pleasure to work on.  I didn’t really go in for a higher standard of painting than the rest of the Ogresses, but I like it better since most of the work is on the skin, of which there is more in this case.  Colour-wise I found it hard to decide on how to paint all the paraphernalia hanging off the gutplate or the hammer, but it looks fine to me with bone colouring so I am happy enough.

The main focus of the Firebelly is the flames, of course, so I put a bit of work into getting them to look satisfactory.  Basically I painted the parts nearest to the mouth and deepest in the fireball as yellow, then moved to orange and red as I got further away from those points.  Then the parts that looked like clouds (i.e. rounded rather than spiky) were painted black and highlighted with dark grey.  Frankly it still suffers a little in the extreme close up, but it looks fine on the table top.

Next on the painting table: Guild Hounds.

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