Malifaux Line in the Sand markers

As part of the Malifaux tournament I am playing in, I have to make up some markers for one of the strategies, A Line in the Sand.  In it, five dynamite markers are placed across the centre of table and each side gets victory points for either lighting or defusing them as appropriate.  After some consideration, I decided that powder kegs were the most appropriate easiest option, and set about it.  These are some of the barrels left from my Ogresses (you get a barrel for every two Ogres, so I had plenty), with a bit of paper clip sticking out and a little blob of Milliput on the end.  Then I painted them quickly.  They’re not going to win prizes, but they’ll do the job and to be honest I just don’t find the scenery building aspect of the hobby very inspiring (which is why I never do any).  Anyway, here they are; you can see the hand of my little helper, Argentbadger Junior, in the background.

The red and black basing is just a thought to save me making ten of them – the idea is that the red side can be turned to face whichever player has control.  In practice, if everyone at the tournament has them, we can just swap in and out as needed.  I’ll see how it goes.

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2 thoughts on “Malifaux Line in the Sand markers

  1. I really like those markers, good job

    • Thanks very much, they were pretty easy to make. The winning set in the tournament were amazing; the defused ones were gravestones and the lit ones had zombies rising from them.

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