Registration for a Malifaux tournament

I have just registered for my first ever tournament, the Blood, Steel & Stones tournament advertised on the excellent Coin and Carnage blog. Despite my blog nominally being a Warhammer Beastmen blog (look, it says so right there at the top of the screen), this is actually a Malifaux tournament. The chance of me getting a full Warhammer army together is not very high, but Malifaux only needs 5 to 10 miniatures on the table, which is a much more achievable goal for someone with my painting speed and gaming ADHD.

I am very excited about going to a tournament, not just because it’s a complete novelty. It’ll be the first time I’ve played outside my comfortable familiar gaming group of friends, so I am interested so see how our skills relate to the wider Malifaux community. I also suspect that we get into a sort of ‘group-think’ regarding the rules (and game play in general) so I hope to see how others interpret this game.

Malifaux is slightly unlike other games I’ve played in that you select your crew after you know which faction you will play against and what the strategy (i.e. objective) has been chosen. I only have 10 miniatures to choose from: Sonnia Criid (who is the Master of my crew, so she’s in whether I like it or not), Samael Hopkins, three Witchling Stalkers, two Guild Hounds, an Austringer, an Exorcist and a Witchling Handler. So at least that will make my crew selection pretty easy, although it is enough to give me some choices. Also luckily for me, there isn’t a requirement to have fully painted miniatures, so I don’t need to knock myself out trying to get the five new ones finished. Of course, painting five miniatures in a month or so shouldn’t be too much of a challenge, but I’m glad that there is no pressure to do so.

The only work I’ll have to do (apart from get more familiarity with the rules, the game play and my crew) is to prepare some tokens for one of the strategies, A Line in the Sand. In this, the objective is to either light or defuse five dynamite markers in the middle of the board. So I need to get on and prepare some. In fact, they need to be able to change to show whether the dynamite is lit or not, so I suppose that I need ten markers (or maybe five with some cunning arrangement of magnets). So far I am thinking of making Looney Tunes-style Acme cherry bombs out of Milliput, or perhaps using the many barrels I have lying around on Ogre sprues to represent powder kegs.

Finally, I believe that it is traditional to list some aspirations for the tournament. Therefore, I hope to:

  • Draw or win at least one game
  • Meet new gaming friends
  • Have a good time

They shouldn’t be too hard to achieve (except for maybe the first one; I have no frame of reference as to the level of play in my regular gaming group).  Depending on how things go, I may attempt to take some photos.  In any event, I will certainly post about my experience.

Bad things happen…

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7 thoughts on “Registration for a Malifaux tournament

  1. Best of luck! Burn them other meanies!

  2. I wish you luck, even though I don’t really want to support you being distracted from Warhammer. 🙂 I’ve heard lots of good things about Malifaux.

    • Thanks very much. Malifaux is indeed a lot of fun, and I recommend anyone to give it a go. But don’t worry, there is plenty of room in my geeking for multiple game systems; I can play badly at all kinds of war game.

  3. Similarly to yourself, I played in my first Malifaux tournament a couple of weeks ago. I had only played six or seven games before I went, plus I was a bit rusty so I didnt know how it would work out.

    The Henchman running it knew what he was doing though and I found it to be a very pleasant day in the end (plus it gave me a deadline to work towards, which always helps productivity). Looking at your checklist above, I managed to achieve all of those, which was cool.

    I look forward to hearing how you get on.

    • Thanks for the comment. I think I’ll be rather surprised if I come in first place as you did. I am looking forward to getting some games in against people I don’t play regularly and seeing how things match up.

      I will certainly write a short report after the tournament for everyone else to enjoy vicariously.

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