Painted Sonnia Criid

To complete my Malifaux starter crew, here is Sonnia Criid.  As the Master, she has a huge number of powers, principally revolving around fire and / or magic in her case.  She can throw fireballs around pretty effectively, and (as mentioned before) turn models into Witchling Stalkers.  She’s no slouch with that enormous rune blade either, although I’ve found so far that she’s rather more useful out of close combat if possible.  Her anti-magic capabilities are great as she can choose to discard a card from her control hand to stop a particularly nasty spell going off.

She was a pleasure to paint.  The sculpting and the pose made the miniature a joy to get to work on, and I’m very happy with the results.  As ever, there are a few things I can see now that I have the giant magnified picture available, but that’s always the case when you’re as clumsy at painting as I am.  In particular the smudge around the lips (chocolate?) is literally not visible to the naked eye.

And here’s the crew in all their glory.  Next on the painting table: the Irongut command group.

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5 thoughts on “Painted Sonnia Criid

  1. Lovely job, always nice with more fellow witch hunters! I like that you gave them a coherent scheme (possibly because that’s what I gave mine) – That’s part of the charm with Malifaux, you can have a paint scheme for your entire crew, or just give them random paintjob, it all still works!
    Great job anyways. More Malifaux coming up, or all done for the moment?

    • Thanks very much, they are lovely sculpts to put paint on.

      I’m really enjoying Malifaux at the moment, though every game I find I learn that I need (yet) another tool to solve whatever strategy is flipped. This is all the miniatures I have at the moment, but I’ve ordered an Austringer, an Exorcist, a Witchling Handler and a pair of Guild Hounds, so they’ll be up eventually. If I can think of a good format for it, I might write some battle reports (as they’re entertaining and useful to prepare); your one was excellent but I don’t think the style is for me.

      • It _is_ a really enjoyable game!
        Looking forward to the battlereport!
        If you’re interested, I made a battle report template some ages ago, give it a look and use it if you want, or just check it out for inspiration of what might be good to have. I’ve found that it’s pretty ok to use mid-battle.

        • Aaaand the link. Durrrr.

          Click to access MBRT.pdf


        • Thanks for the link. It could come in very useful, though I prefer my own method of note-taking.

          I was actually meaning the question about the format for the report itself. Battle Chronicler lends itself well to Warhammer Fantasy Battle and was tolerable for Urban War, but turns out to be hopeless for Infinity. I think that some of the tricks that can be pulled in Malifaux (for example, Showgirls swapping with each other) are hard to pull out in a map. I’ll give it some more thought; perhaps I’ll do a report where I play against a crew that doesn’t mess too much with time and space.

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