Painted Witchling Stalkers

Continuing on from Samael Hopkins, here are the next three members of my Malifaux crew, Witchling Stalkers.  In the fluff, these are ‘illegal’ (remember, the Guild is a brutal oppressor) magic users who’ve been subjugated into serving the Guild.  They’re not terrible at shooting, but they are best up close and personal since they can cause problems for spell casters, are pretty handy with their shattered rune blades, and most importantly, the blow up when they die.  Yes, Malifaux is that kind of game.  Actually, that’s probably the second most important thing about them.  The most important thing about them is that Sonnia Criid (the Master of this crew) can kill people and turn them into more Witchling Stalkers.  In fact you can even do that to your own guys if necessary, leading to a situation where you get a Witchling Stalker to stab someone a bit, then kill it off with Sonnia Criid, causing an explosion and generating a fresh minion to use.  In practice, it’s not quite as easy as I make it seem, but it’s still a lot of fun.

I stuck with the same brown and cream coloured scheme I used on Samael Hopkins, as it’s easy to apply and looks fairly nice.  I tried to suggest the magic nature of their shattered rune blades with a green ink wash, but it hasn’t really come out very well.  I think that the green thread on the back of this one is a bit of static grass from the Ogresses; it’s not stuck on.

Mainly in the interests of livening up the colour scheme a little I made the neckerchief / face mask red and gave them (slightly) glowing green eyes.  I’m fairly happy with how the eyes turned out, though the miniatures are rather downward looking so it’s not all that obvious thanks to their cowls.

Here’s one where the green ink on the shattered rune blade stood out a bit better.  It kind of looks mouldy rather than magical, so perhaps it’s for the best that it didn’t come out too strongly.  The photo here seems to have suffered particularly badly from the infestation of static grass.

I love these little guys.  They look good and they’re great on the table top.  Next on the painting table: Sonnia Criid.

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