Painted Samael Hopkins

So as previously mentioned, Aramoro, Forkbanger, Justinmatters and I have bought into Malifaux.  As none of us really know much about the game, the choice of first purchase came down to which miniatures I liked most.  I’m a bit of a fanboy in this regard, and I could easily have selected any one of a dozen crews (as they’re called).  The final selection ended up being the Witch Hunters box set, led by Sonnia Criid (more about her later).  This is part of the Guild faction, which in fluff terms is either the force holding the society of Malifaux together or the brutally oppressive overlords; naturally it just depends on how you look at it.  Anyway, here’s my first Malifaux miniature, Samael Hopkins.  The Guild have got a sort of cowboy style thing going on, as will be evident from the pictures below.  The miniature was lovely to paint with detail all over it; I chose to paint these in more muted colours after the primary colour-fest of my Ogresses. In Malifaux, a full crew so far only consists of 5 models or so; I felt that I could afford to give this chap a bit of attention.

This also represents my first foray into scenic basing.  Apart from the pain in the neck that was getting him pinned to the base, I’d say that the improvement in looks is probably worth it.  The bases are expensive enough that I wouldn’t consider it for a large scale game, but for such a small number of miniatures I think I’m happy with the results.

In game terms, he’s pretty good at shooting, but costs a lot to hire, and to be honest I haven’t really found him to be too amazing so far.  He’s not too hard to kill, and he costs as much as two Witchling Stalkers (again, watch this space) who are awesome.  We’re branching out into proxying a bit, and he’s been the first one to be benched.

Next on the painting table: Witchling Stalkers.

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