Painted Ogre Bulls command

Painting the command group for the Bulls (or Ogres as they’re now known) of the Little Death tribe means that finally I have actually completed a unit for this army as I use it on the table top (if you exclude the Ironblaster, a unit of one).  I might end up expanding them later as they haven’t been amazing for me at six-strong, but they give me options in the Watchtower scenario [edit: I can’t read.  You can’t start monstrous infantry in a Watchtower].  Anyway, I’d need to buy some more miniatures for that.

The Crusher looks a bit funny since the Mournfang Cavalry head adorning her is looking right for some reason.  I like to think she’s bitching to the musician about something the standard bearer said.

In my experience, white, black and yellow are the three hardest colours to paint and get to look good.  It’s been a while since I tried, and (surprise) nothing has changed since then.  The yellow clothes on the musician still look just as dire at they would have done 20-odd years ago when I first started painting.  What is it about yellow that makes it so hard to get decent coverage?  I did this over a base of light brown to help, which I think makes something of a difference.  I’ve even tried looking at some tutorials on-line, but they all involve either hundreds of steps to achieve a passable result, or require some actual talent on the part of the painter.  Anyway, it passes the ‘table top test’ which is what matters to me.

Regular readers of this blog will not have failed to notice that I am very bad at painting freehand on banners.  Luckily, my two chosen armies (Beastmen and Ogre Kingdoms) are both primitive, artless cultures.  So my lack of talent can be passed off as a conscientious following of the army fluff.  Originally, I was just going to do the Maw symbol on the banner, but I made it ridiculously small so I’ve tried to turn it into an Ogre-style depiction of the comet that becomes the Maw, just before it devastates the Ogre Kingdoms forever.

Next on the painting table: some Malifaux stuff.  In the meantime, here’s the whole unit in all its glory.

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2 thoughts on “Painted Ogre Bulls command

  1. Nice work. The unit looks really good, with all of them painted. You seem to keep churning stuff out. Maybe I need to get back into it… I tried painting yellow a while back and had a hard time with it too. It had really poor coverage. Most of the stuff I found online included many, many, many layers, which doesn’t work so well for lots of models. Did you try the foundation paint or any of the new paints? I have been impressed with how well the foundation paints worked. I like the banner. The freehand adds some uniqueness, and like you said, it doesn’t have to be amazingly detailed for the ogres.

    • Thanks. It’s really satisfying to get a unit complete for use on the table. For the banner, I have long since accepted my lack of significant talent in freehand painting. It’s just a happy coincidence that I always have ‘unartistic’ armies though, it isn’t the selection criteria (though funnily enough the other army I considered starting is Lizardmen, who use totems instead of flags, so maybe there something in that after all).

      The yellow paint is actually about 20 years old, from when I first started painting miniatures (for clarity, there was a lengthy gap in the middle though, this blog isn’t the result of 20 years of practice). I think it might have been called Sunburst yellow. Maybe I should buy some of the new paints and see if yellow is easier with the new technology.

      Painting is a fun hobby, and for me represents a period of calm when I can take a pause from the hectic real parts of my life. So I take a lot of pleasure in finding the time to sit down with a brush. Still, I know that it’s just a hobby, and when I’m in the mood for something else, I do that instead. I’ve never played in a tournament or other setting which requires painted models (indeed, proxying is very much the norm in our group) so there’s never been any time pressure to finish anything.

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